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“I like to have the designs for my handmade watches include as many different manufacturing techniques as possible. It keeps me on my toes as a craftsman, but also leaves tiny traces of the different methods used, which I think makes the watches more interesting and personal. They capture people’s imagination.”

Holme Finnilä, Founder of Levenaig

A front view of the handmade mechanical watch Levenaig Sulimyr 42
Sulimyr 42
Front view of the handmade watch Sulimyr 34
Sulimyr 34
A picture showing the very first Levenaig watch made of bronze and brass
Levenaig 41
Port South 38 WoS
Vernier caliper and watch case parts from custom project
A front view of the mechanical handcrafted titanium wristwatch Levenaig Metlinyn 42
Metlinyn 42
Image showing Levenaig Watches handmade bronze watch Port South 38
Port South 38

Picture showing the handmade mechanical watch Levenaig Metlinyn 38 Bullauge in its blue wooden box
Metlinyn 38 B
This is the handmade mechanical titanium timepiece Levenaig Metlinyn 34
Metlinyn 34
The largely transparent wristwatch Levenaig Lakeland 38
Lakeland 38

Levenaig offers unique (also bespoke) watches handmade in Olstorp, Sweden. The designs are inspired by the golden era of the great shipyards in Europe, when ship designers and skilled craftsmen created beautiful vessels, ranging from small fishing boats to great ocean liners. Being part of designing and constructing a ship was just as much of an adventure as having the opportunity to sail on one. Those were the days when passengers could stroll on wooden decks amidst shiny features of bronze and brass, but also the days of hard work for the crews.

Materials such as bronze, brass, titanium and aluminium are normally used and these lend the watches a friendly and yet confident look.


Svenska I English

Levenaig first saw the light of day in 2013. I was looking to buy a bronze wristwatch and had a very specific idea of how it should look. It turned out that there was no such watch for sale. Things looked grim for a moment, until a friend of mine suggested that I buy a mechanical movement and make the rest of the watch myself.

Being an engineer with many years of practical experience within precision mechanics and manufacturing, I did not see any reason not to do it. Since I grew up on a small island, and I had been working within the area of ship- and offshore installation design (Wasa Motor, NOV, Bassoe Technology) for most of my professional career, a maritime theme was a given.

Soon after I had finished my first watch, the Levenaig 41, people around me began to order custom-made Levenaig watches. And I have kept making them ever since. To me, it is a matter of pride to actually make the watches myself. I do, however, buy the movements even though I could make them as well.

The Brand’s Values

Honesty, flexibility, authenticity, visionary and diverse are words which sum up Levenaig’s core values quite well. And I want my watches to reflect these as well. To me, for a watch project to be worthwhile, the design must be different from what is already out there. But even more importantly, it needs to be authentic, which in this case means ‘a design I can relate to, and be manufactured by me

The Name

The name Levenaig comes from the novel Levenaig, which I finished writing in 2013. All Levenaig’s watch models are named after places mentioned in the book. Each place has its very unique landscape and atmosphere, but still they are all part of Levenaig.

Just like the watches…

Image showing Holme Finnilä, founder, watchmaker, designer at Levenaig
Holme Finnilä, founder of Levenaig